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AmaZEN Hands provides mobile professional massage and skin care services exclusively for therapeutic purposes. The focus of AmaZEN Hands is to offer muscle relief and skin rejuvenation. It is important to note that AmaZEN Hands does not have a licensed nail technician, therefore nail care services including the use of filing tools such as foot files, nail files, pumice stones, etc., cannot be provided during any foot therapy services. AmaZEN Hands offers exfoliating services which involve the application of scrubs and masks for an esthetic approach. It is crucial to emphasize that these are non-medical treatments, and AmaZEN Hands does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions.


All clients, both new and existing, are encouraged to book appointments through the online booking system provided by AmaZEN Hands. However, clients have the flexibility to schedule appointments via phone, email, or personal messages as well. It is recommended to schedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance. Please note that due to limited availability, same-day appointments may not be accepted.

Upon scheduling, clients may be requested to provide card information for the purpose of convenient and more efficient transactions, as well as to cover any potential deposit or cancellation fees. A valid email address is required from all guests for the purpose of receiving receipts and invoices. Clients will not be charged prior to their service, except in cases of deposits or cancellation fees. It is mandatory to confirm appointments at least 12 hours in advance; failure to do so may result in automatic cancellation and may incur a fee.

Session times begin when the service commences to ensure clients receive the maximum hands-on time possible. Intake forms need to be submitted before the scheduled service. Please heed to any the appointment notes upon approval for a possible link to the appropriate intake form, if applicable.  Clients are only required to complete these forms once, unless there are changes to their personal information or preferences.

The submitted profiles will be securely stored, and personal information will never be shared unless legally ordered. Clients are responsible for updating any changes in their personal information, such as contact details or health conditions.


AmaZEN Hands offers services at a rate of $65 per hour, with an additional $25 surcharge for travel and equipment, $10 to $20 for parking if applicable, and 20% gratuity. For further details and information, please inquire via email.


During services, AmaZEN Hands does not allow children unless they are receiving a service. If children under 18 years of age are receiving services, a signed consent form from a parent or legal guardian is required, and they must be accompanied.


AmaZEN Hands prioritizes compliance with HIPAA regulations and ensures the protection of personal information submitted through intake forms. Client profiles or records are maintained for each client, which include basic contact information, session notes, and any provided health details. Personal information will never be shared unless legally required.


AmaZEN Hands does not accept insurance at the moment. It is recommended to review the list of contraindications to ensure your safety. The list of contraindications highlights high-risk factors and receiving services is strongly discouraged. AmaZEN Hands reserves the right to refuse or modify services for anyone with a contraindication to prioritize client safety. Failure to provide necessary information, acting impartially, dishonestly, or negligently may result in severe health risks. The business cannot be held fully liable in such cases.


Clients are encouraged to provide proper notice at least 5 hours prior to their scheduled service to avoid a $25 fee.  If a service is interrupted for whatever reason, it may result in a full service charge.


AmaZEN Hands upholds a policy of non-discrimination based on age, gender, orientation, race, political views, religion, or creed. The same respect and courtesy are extended to all clients and visitors. Any form of sexual harassment or bullying will not be tolerated and will lead to the disruption of the active session and a discontinuation of any future services. Depending on the severity of the situation or at the discretion of AmaZEN Hands, legal action may be pursued with the involvement of law enforcement, if necessary.

As a professional service provider and business owner, AmaZEN Hands retains the right to refuse service to anyone deemed unsafe, unsanitary, or a health/safety hazard. Soliciting or engaging in scams is strictly prohibited.


In the event of inclement weather, clients with scheduled appointments will be notified of any delays or closures. Information can also be found on AmaZEN Hands' social media pages (Instagram or Facebook). If a delay or closure necessitates rescheduling, no cancellation fees will be charged.


If the service provider of AmaZEN Hands becomes ill, clients will be notified as they would be in the case of inclement weather. Cancellation fees will not apply in such cases. However, if clients become ill and need to reschedule, cancellation fees will apply if proper notice is not provided. It is recommended to allow a minimum of 14 days for any lingering symptoms to clear after recovering from an illness before attempting to reschedule.


In compliance with CDC guidelines, wearing masks is no longer mandatory at AmaZEN Hands, although clients are welcome to continue wearing them. However, clients may be asked to wear a mask if they have recently experienced sinus or cold symptoms. The service provider may also wear a mask upon request.

AmaZEN Hands will never inquire about clients' vaccination or booster status out of respect for personal health choices. With kindness, it is requested that clients reciprocate the same respect for confidentiality. If clients have concerns about their health and safety, then it is recommended to follow the cancellation policy if an appointment has already been booked.


Safety and Respect: Safety and respect are of utmost importance. Any inappropriate or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated, and the session will be terminated immediately.

Client Verification: To ensure safety and prevent scams, clients may be asked to provide valid identification and contact information when booking an appointment.

Preparation of Space: Clients are responsible for preparing an adequate and clean space for the massage session. The area should be properly ventilated and have sufficient room to accommodate all necessary equipment.

Working on the Appointed Individual Only: Massage services will only be provided to the individual who has booked the appointment. Additional guests must complete an intake form prior to a session, if time permits for a same-day session within the same location.  The travel/setup fee will be waived for the additional guests.  Observers are encouraged to wait away from any active session to respect the privacy of the serviced individual.

Accessibility: For your convenience and safety, please ensure that the location is easily accessible for parking and entry as well as sufficient for carrying equipment . If the session is in a multi-story building, there should be handicapped access, such as a ramp or elevator.

Safe Environment: To maintain safety, appointments will not be scheduled in areas deemed unsafe. Please be sure to also provide necessary information about the neighborhood, community, or commercial area to ensure a secure working environment.

Professional Decline: While striving to meet your needs, there may be rare occasions where AmaZEN Hands must professionally decline or reject providing services. This may be due to factors such as client health conditions, unsuitable environment, or any situation that could compromise safety or well-being.

Cancellation Policy: Clients are requested to inform of any rescheduling or cancellations at least 5 hours before the scheduled appointment. A cancellation fee may apply if proper notice is not provided.

Payment Policy: Payment for services rendered must be made at the time of the appointment. Accepted payment methods include cash, credit/debit cards, or other agreed-upon options.

Confidentiality: All client information and sessions will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Your privacy and trust are highly respected.

Terms and Policies: Terms and Policies
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