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“Angela had perfect pressure and her routine was supremely relaxing.  Highly recommended; 12/10; Awesome work."


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Do you work events?

Yes.  Go to the Chair Massage tab under Services and scroll down to the bottom of the page to request a quote.  To include more details about your event, you may contact me via email at

What's the house call procedure?  How does that work?

After you've booked an appointment, on the appointed day and time, I will come to your location with my equipment.  Make sure you have a large, clear space to allow me to set up the massage table.  I will step out of the room to allow you to disrobe in private and return when you're ready for me to commence the service.  After the service and you redress, I will open my portable POS for checkout to collect your payment and complete the appointment.

How far down should I undress?

Your comfort is my high priority.  I will never ask you to remove any clothing that makes you uncomfortable.  However, most people tend to undress as far as their undergarments.  While it may be very helpful to remove bras and undershirts, I will do my best to work over those areas while you are covered, should you choose to leave on those clothing articles.  If you do decide to fully disrobe, I utilize great precaution to make sure you're never overexposed.

Do you work on children?

Yes.  However, a parent/guardian must sign a consent form as well as being present during the session.

Can I book a surprise appointment for someone?

I admire the kind gesture.  However, considering that I am a mobile massage therapist, I believe that it would be safer for all parties involved to be informed.  At most, I would encourage purchasing an e-gift card instead.

Can I use my gift card for somebody else?

Yes, assuming you have given them your complete consent.  The e-gift cards are distributed via email.  It should consist of a series of numbers that I will need to enter during the payment process.  I would prefer a forwarded email, versus a screenshot, if the purchaser will not be present.  This helps me validate that you (the purchaser or original recipient) has given the other person your consent.

Will I get a full hour of massage?

Yes.  After I arrive to your location, your time will start when the service has commenced.  The travel and set up time is completely separate.  Whether you booked 60 minutes or more, you will receive the full hands-on time to get the most out of your session.

Is the massage for full body?

Yes.  Regardless of the time you book, you can get a full body massage.  If you prefer to have specific areas worked only, that is completely okay.  Feel free to utilize your session time however you choose.

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